Twitter Fame

I’d like to say that I’m not addicted to twitter, but in all honesty, I’m addicted to twitter. When I wake up in the morning I roll over, grab my phone off the night stand and pull up my twitter feed. How have I gotten to this point in my life? Well, it all started in 7th grade, I heard about twitter through a few classmates of mine and decided I wanted to jump in the twitterverse. But, I never really got the hang of it, so my account was inactive for a few years. Fast forward to my freshman year in college and my core group of friends were all on twitter and were all obsessed with tweeting, tweeting each other, and tweeting at celebrities. After hearing about them constantly rave about twitter, I decided I would sign back into my old account and give it one more try, and after many failed attempts at guessing my 7th grade password, I was finally able to publish my first tweet in years.

It went downhill from there. I soon became obsessed with the microblogging site, connecting with friends, following strangers and hopelessly tweeting at Adam Levine and asking him to marry me. But even though I’ve been active on twitter for a couple years now,  I have yet to hit twitter fame

One person that appears on my twitter feed, isn’t even old enough to know what twitter is. I’m talking about  the 2 yr Chole from vine, if you happen to live under a rock, here’s the meme that is frequently used for reaction pictures on twitter. She’s become so famous through social media that she even has parody twitter accounts dedicated to her. Even though i doubt her parents seriously knew how famous she would become after posting her unimpressed reaction on vine, they did know that by putting it out on the internet and using hashtags, and sharing it with friends and family would ultimately give up some of Chole’s privacy.Millions of people have her face saved to their computer, laptop or tablet just so they can have easy access for a reaction picture of gif. If you used google images to search “Chole from vine”  you will find all sorts of phrases added to her iconic expression.  Her face  is so recognizable that the other day when my sorority sisters went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, for a retreat, our president was able to recognize her and take a creepy picture of her from a distance. Even though I would love to be twitter famous, I don’t think I would be able to deal with all of that, and that’s coming for a 20 yr old. So props to Chole and her family. 


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