Social Media, the new Sales Person?

As we all know, social media is on the rise in the advertising world. From Facebook likes, to Youtube  views, and to retweets, social media is one of the fastest methods to getting your brand noticed by the current and future buyers of America. One of the more popular twitter campaigns has been Starbucks’ tweet-a-coffee, which is a three step process, using twitter, to send a friend a $5 e-gift card.

All a person has to do is link their Starbucks and Twitter account and then they’d be able to tweet a friend a coffee by using @tweetacoffee.  Starbucks was also very smart about when they launched this campaign, launching it around the holidays to play into the holiday spirit of giving. Starbucks’ social media team was able to understand, identify and target their audiences with this campaign and it proved to be very successful. Starbucks had over 27,000 unique users tag @tweetacoffee over 37,000 times resulting in $180,000 in sales. With this campaign Starbucks proved that selling on social media works, and that connecting their Starbucks app to Twitter was one of the best decisions the social media team could have come up with.


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